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Largest Tunic

Swimming champion Rebecca Adlington loves to have a swim.. An amazing tunic!

Ancient Greece must have certainly been a strange place to live. Stop-motion skeletons sprouting out of the ground, Mount Vesuvius erupting, Atlantis sinking... all regular occurances in the Greek capital city, Rome.
With such dangers rife in the streets, you might think that citizens' choice of attire would lean toward being heavy and protective. And as usual, you'd be completely wrong. For the people of Ancient Greece, there was only one choice of clothing: a bedsheet, also known as a tunic!

Tunics were available in a wide variety of colours, each hue squeezed from the body of an unfortunate insect. Red = a fly. Orange = a Garfield. Silver = a moth. This explains where that famous old catchphrase comes from!

But I'll tell you one thing that tunics weren't available in a wide variety of: sizes! This is because the fabric that ancient tunics were made from was extremely flammable: 20% more flammable than hydrogen!
It wasn't until the 20th century that technology had advanced enough to allow scientists to fashion a fibre flameproof enough to enable the creation of the largest tunic... Rebecca Adlington's fried egg tunic!


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