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Most Powerful of the X-Men

If you enjoy comic books, or watching films, you're bound to love the group of characters known as the X-Men.

A gang of super heroes, each X-Man has his or her own magic power, except rather than catching it via an unusual form of radiation, they are born with it. For it is a hereditary disease, like brown eyes.

Charles Xavier is the leader of the X-Men - and therefore you might think that he is the most powerful: but you'd be wrong!

His power is simply the power to change what you are thinking about.
One minute you might be thinking about having a nap, the next, you would decide to make a sandwich!
He is also the most hairless of the gang, caused by falling out of a tree.
Also, he rides around in a chair like Davros.

A more powerful X-Man is known simply as The Cyclops.
Of course, this is because, instead of eyes, he has one massive laser pointer stuck in his forehead!

And finally there is Wolverine who was once a chef, but got a set of knives stuck in his hands by accident!

One of those two is the most powerful. A laser or knives.
I can't decide.

You decide.

It's probably the laser.


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