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Largest Ice Maze

Henry VIII inspects Hever Castle. Maze not pictured. Ice-Mazing! (Amazing!)

Have you ever been inside a maze? Of course, you haven't. Mazes are impossible to escape, just like a black hole!
Unlike a black hole, however, mazes smell of urine and there are dirty tissues everywhere and once, one of the dirty tissues got stuck to my trousers.

In the olden days, mazes were one of the only forms of entertainment available. Famous monarch King Henry VIII had a maze built in the back garden of his palace. It soon became known as Hever Castle, and still exists today, somewhere in England.

You know what most mazes are made from, don't you - yes, dirt and twigs!
What else is made from dirt and twigs? Right again - a bird's nest!
What's the one thing that you can't use a bird's nest for? Of course, you can't use a bird's nest to cool down your lemonade - if you want to cool down your lemonade, what you need is ice.
Where, therefore, would the theoretical lemonade bird go in order to gather the material required to build it's nest? Exactly! It would go to an ice maze!

And that, I presume, is the reason why the world's largest ice maze was built (Maidstone, February 2009).

The maze was as big as a car! At the very centre of it was a car.
I tried to take a picture of it, but it drove off.


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