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Most Chrysanthemum Blooms

Chrysanthemums are a lovely sort of tree thing. They are available in many popular colours, including green and also probably purple. Some cultures believe that a white Chrysanthemum symbolises death! Of course, these cultures are wrong.
The flower that symbolises death is the Sneezewort.

If you've ever tried growing a Chrysanthemum or, for that matter, looking after any living creature, you'll know that it is extremely difficult. Plants require air, water and light to grow, due to a scientific theory known as photogenesis. This doesn't mean a picture of Phil Collins! HA HA HA! That would be awful.
No, it means a photo of the genesis device from the film Star Trek III.

Anyway, Chrysanthemums are not exception to this rule - the more air, water and light they receive, the faster and larger they grow.
And that's why the Chrysanthemum with the most blooms - 10 and half - can be found in a location where there is an abundance of air, water and light: Scunthorpe!

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