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Largest Twister Board

Playing a board game is usually a pretty static affair.
The participants sit down, you get the board game out, they don't want to play a board game, you're not supposed to bring board games into expensive restaurants, excuse me sir, would you please leave the premesis?

And yet, board games are pretty popular - there are more than twenty different board games in existence! Here are a few examples:

Mouse Trap: trap a mouse and win!
Pictionary: draw a picture of something! QUICK!
Monopoly: I hate Monopoly.
Guess Who: Is it Tom? Is it Tom? IS IT TOM!?

You may have noticed that, so far, I haven't mentioned the board game the this WOW focuses on. There's a good reason for that - it isn't quite the same as a traditional board game.
For a Twister board is as large as a carpet - and is covered in coloured spots! I won't spoil the fun by telling you how to play Twister, but needless to say, it involves thrusting my crotch into your face.

The largest Twister board is enormous, and is absolutely useless!


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