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Longest Mozzarella

Mozzarella cheese is a very strange material indeed.

You can bounce it like a rubber ball, stretch it like a piece of elastic and melt it like a Darth Vadar. Name me another cheese which can do all of that!
Even stranger, when purchasing mozzarella, it comes not shrink-wrapped in cellophane, but swimming in an airtight cheesewater blister!

If you've always been fascinated by these, and other mozzarella oddities, prepare to learn: here for the first time ever is The Official Story of Mozzarella.

The year is 1734. The place is Italy. The man is a young man with a massive moustache driving his wagon down the road. Who is this hairy fellow? Why, it is Billy Mozzarella, the Prince of Italy, in disguise for unknown reasons!
Suddenly there is a strange sound from high in the atmosphere - Billy looks up just in time to throw himself from the wagon as it is smashed to splinters by a massive ball of white blobiness!
A piece of this mysterious material flies into Billy's mouth - he is later amazed to discover that it is cheese!
And they all lived happily ever after.

Modern estimates as to the size of the mozzarella ball that destroyed Billy Mozzarella's wagon range from 'quite a lot' to 'a lot'.
Whatever the size, it can't have been longer than the longest mozzarella - 5m, the same length as a fence!


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