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Largest Serving of Rice Pudding

I hate rice pudding, but enough about me - how much do you hate rice pudding?
Of course, you hate it more than anything else in life, and would not hesitate to kill yourself if some rice pudding ever got anywhere near your mouth, or if you saw a tin of it.
Or if you thought about it.

Since the dawn of time, scientists have been trying to figure out exactly what it is that makes rice pudding so damned awful. How have they been doing this? By giving monkeys huge electric shocks, of course!
Here are the results so far: monkeys get very angry when you give them huge electric shocks, and they probably don't like rice pudding much either.

Until a conclusive answer is discovered, the mystery of why rice pudding is so terrible will have to remain a mystery. Just like the mystery of that ghost I once saw near my car, and it waved at me spookily and it might have said something, but I was too scared to hear it!

But I'll tell what won't remain a mystery - the size of the largest serving of rice pudding:
178 grams (6.3 ounces)!


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