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Best Toy Story Film

Farmer Woody inspects his crops. To infinity and beyond! To infinity... and beyond!


I'm up in my room Mother, with Woody and Buzz Lightyear, my totally inanimate chums!

Andy suddenly disappears.

Woody wakes up! Buzz Lightyear starts screaming!

Now we must help Andy destroy the Chinese.

That is an excerpt from the script of the hit comedy film Toy Story, written and directed by American computer graphics expert Kevin Pixar. It is all about two toys - Woody (a farmer) and Buzz Lightyear (a farmer), waking up, wandering around and then something happens and that is the end of the film. To date, there have been three of these films!

The first in the series, Toy Story (1992) was notable as the first feature length film to be entirely computer generated. Amazingly, this means that everything you see on screen is made from energy!
Toy Story 2 (2000) was also computer generated, except for the part when the action happens. That is a stunt man wearing tin foil!
And Toy Story 3 (2010) is not computer generated at all: it's all just guinea pigs.

So which is the best Toy Story film? The answer is obvious: Shrek 3!


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