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Most People Naked on a Rollercoaster

Rollercoasters are an incredibly exciting form of entertainment common in theme and amusement parks across the world. Filled with litres of technology, modern rollercoasters are able to achieve feats once deplored by ancient philosophers - Plato himself probably once said:

Death is not the worst that can happen to men: the worst that can happen to men is a 100ft high 'beyond vertical' drop, as Socrates and I experienced on SAW at Thorpe Park during our summer hols! It was, like, wicked!

I don't know what would happen to Plato if he realised people were riding such rollercoasters without any clothes on - I suspect his baseball cap would explode!
Yes, riding rollercoasters naked is now a hugely popular activity, as evidenced by the existence of this very WOW.

The most people naked on a rollercoaster is 4, the exact number that were stripped of their clothing by medical staff following an horrific accident on the Coaster King, Utah, USA!


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