Random WOW: ' Largest Loaf of Bread '

Longest Bar

I'm long. I'm wooden. I've got drinks coming out of me! What am I?
Of course, I am a pipe, and the drink is woody water!

That was an hilarious pipe joke, but joking aside, woody water is extremely dangerous and you should never attempt to drink woody water. If you suspect your water is woody (perhaps you spotted some floating bark), please immediately throw up all over yourself in fear.

One place you're sure to never find woody water is in a bar. A bar is some kind of place where all manner of liquids are available in exchange for funds - liquids including Coke and Diet Coke. Why not go to a bar and drink these liquids? Perhaps you will meet another liquid-consuming life form and possibly you will look at her and she will suddenly get angry and start shouting for no reason and you will have to run away and crouch for several hours behind a mouldy box and when I finally got up, my wallet was missing and that is why you should never go to a bar.

The longest bar is an awe-inspiring 5.5m (18ft) long. I believe it can be found somewhere in Sevenoaks.


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