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Longest Marathon Radio DJ

If you've ever listened to someone talking, but that person was not in the same room as you, there are two possibilities: either you were listening to a radio broadcast, or you were hearing a chattering ghost. Or someone was shouting at you through the window.

The radio is a fascinating piece of circuitry. If you've ever smashed a radio on the floor, you'll know what I mean! What I mean is that there are a lot of sharp pieces of circuit board inside a radio, just waiting to embed themselves fascinatingly deep in the fleshy part of my foot.
Quite how all the pieces work together remains a mystery, but the end result is the incredible transformation of invisible radiation into audible speaking noises!

And on the 19th of March 2011, one such noise became common for at least seven hours: the voice of BBC radio personality Christopher Miles!
He was doing a charity thing for charity, and raised 12.80!


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