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Most Excellent Adventure in a Film

Once upon a time, there lived two idiot brothers, named Bill and Ted.

Rather than studying for their history GCSE, they preferred to spend their time playing invisible guitars and jumping around.

But then Dad appeared, and warned them "Pass your test, or you will be killed".

Luckily, Bill and Ted were friends with a time traveller, and so off they went into the past!

They kidnapped a cowboy, and then something else happened and they all got married and became transformers.

Of course, by now you've probably guessed that none of that really happened!

I have actually been describing the plot of the comedy film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. And yet, despite its title, it is not the most excellent adventure in a film!

The most excellent adventure in a film was had by a bunch of kids named The Goonies when they discoved a pirate ship full of gold, and also a horribly deformed mental patient.

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