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Largest Collection of Charlies Angels Memorabilia

"Hello Angels, this is Charlie. I have an exciting mission for you!"
"Uh... this is Chris"
"Oh, hello Chris. Are the Angels with you?"
"I don't know any Angels"
"I believe I have dialled incorrectly! Goodbye Chris!"

That's how every episode of popular 1970s television series Charlie's Angels began: with Charlie hobbling over to the nearest payphone and making a creepy phone call.

But enough about Charlie. Let's talk about the Angels!

They were three women.

But enough about the Angels. Let's talk about Charlie's Angels Memorabilia; it's the topic of this WOW, after all.

Charlie's Angels Memorabilia takes the form of anything that appeared onscreen during episodes of the show: carpet scraps, a bit of hair, dust... anything! It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the owner of the largest collection of Charlie's Angels memorabilia is the cleaner responsible for the upkeep of the television studios during that period, one William Bosgood: for Mr Bosgood was a habitual horder, and never threw away a single bag of the rubbish he collected in his career!

Congratulations William Bosgood!

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