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Hairiest Teenager

Teenagers are an awkward lot. Their brains not yet fully developed, they spend their time mumbling and wandering around, bumping into things; generally causing a nuisance and disturbing the elderly.
But don't be angry at them: you yourself have been a teenager at some point, and no doubt have your own teenaged exploit tales - like the time you and Keith climbed into the roof of Woolworths in Gravesend and did a wee onto the people below! HA HA HA!

Teenagers, since they haven't yet finished growing, often look and smell quite unpleasant. Lumpy, melted, squashed, grated, sliced: these adjectives could be used to describe a teenager's deformed features.

Another adjective that could be used: hairy!

The hairiest teenager is so hairy, he is often mistaken for the hair Death Star!
The hairiest teenager is Billy Poke!

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