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Oldest Paraglider

If you've ever looked up into the sky and seen a strange triangular shape moving around up there, you'll have probably soiled yourself in fear! You are, after all, a massive idiot.
Don't worry. What you saw was not one of Satan's winged minions, aiming to drag your screaming soul down to hell for an eternity of suffering, as seen in the popular movie Ghost Dad.
What you saw was, in fact, a hang glider!

Hang gliders are large triangular flappy things made from fabric. Imagine a child's kite… and now imagine that someone has hung a desk fan from the bottom of the kite. Congratulations! You have successfully wasted your time, a hang glider doesn't look anything like that. What you've just imagined is instead a paraglider.

Paragliders are much better than hang gliders because they are powered by petrol. Hang gliders are only powered by air, which is utter rubbish, and smells.
Petrol is much better than air in every way, apart from being used to breathe.

So which is the oldest paraglider?
It's that one that Leonardo DaVinci designed!
You know that one, it was in that rubbish Young Sherlock Holmes film.
The one where that stained glass window came alive and killed a man.


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