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Fastest Drinking of a Mug of Hot Chocolate

Ask the average man on the street where chocolate originated and he'll probably guess that it originated in America. America is admittedly the modern capital of the chocolate world.
But travel back in time 800 years, and you'd find that the capital was centred in a completely different part of the world: Egypt!

You've probably heard of the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamun, whose amazing golden burial goods were discovered by British scientist Harold Shipman in 1985. Beneath that gold foil covering, those items were in fact fashioned from solid chocolate! Yes, chocolate!

The ancient Egyptians believed that chocolate (or, as they knew it, quatzlscratchpot) was the food of the Gods, and that anyone eating it would be granted amazing superpowers. To even gaze upon a Wispa was a crime punishable by death!

Hot chocolate, however, is a much more recent creation. Dr Martin Cadburyson first created hot chocolate in 1951 when he accidentally mixed Neskwik with hot milk. So hot, unfortunately, was the milk, that Cadburyson was instantly vaporised.

The fastest drinking of a mug of hot chocolate didn't involve hot chocolate quite that hot, thankfully. That would be a tragedy.

For the fastest drinking of a mug of hot chocolate was achieved by famous cricketer Ian 'Freddie' Botham in a time of just 11 minutes, 22 seconds!


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