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Smallest Money Transaction Through Bank Cheque

If you've ever run into a bank wearing a hockey mask, pointed a sawn-off shotgun at a staff member behind the counter and shouted 'GIVE ME SOME CASH, OR I BLOWS YA BRAINS OUT', chances are that, although you may have been given the money you requested, you didn't manage to leave the bank without trouble.

Banking establishments' preferred method of cash withdrawal tends to be the cash card that is issued with most accounts. Using this slip of delightfully coloured plastic, money can be obtained using just a finger. It doesn't even matter if it's not your finger!

The cheque is a method of cash withdrawal from the past. Remember, in Back to the Future 3, when Martin McFly went back in time to visit that old man in the wild west times, and he wanted to get some money out from the bank? Remember what he did? Yes: he grabbed a nearby duck, wrote the amount of money that he wanted on its beak using a quill pen and threw the duck into the air! Money appeared! Back to the Future 3!

Thankfully today, the method of cashing a cheque has changed completely.
You don't use a quill pen, you use a biro.

The smallest money transaction through bank cheque was made by none other than Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya, who on May 26, 2010, transferred 0.01 Indian Rupees: worth around 0.000212 dollars!


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