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Longest Movie Title In A Tweet

How many times have you been in a bookshop, browsing the shelves for an interesting read, have found a book with a promising cover (a bare lady) but wanted to know more about the book's content before purchasing it? Lots of times, that's how many times!
With books, the answer is simple: just shout 'WHAT IS THE BOOK WITH THE BARE LADY ABOUT?' and all will become clear.

But what happens when you're not in a bookshop: you're in your flat, on the Internet. You're not looking at books: you're looking at films. How can you tell what a film is about from just its title?

The answer is: by reading its title!
Yes, with only several hours of work, the entire plot of any film can be deduced from subtle clues inserted into its title. Allow me to demonstrate:

Batman Returns
A bat. A man. They have returned! Turns. Urns. A spinning urn.

The Muppets Take Manhattan
Muppets. Pets. Pets in Manhattan. Pets in hats. A man in a hat takes the pets. A spinning urn.

Tron. Iron. A metal. Ron. Metal Ron. Metal Ron. Metal Ron.

Anyway, the longest movie title ever tweeted was the movie titled Demonstrating the Action of the Chicago Pneumatic Shell Riveters on the Underside of the Hull of a Steel Vessel. Taken for the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co., which was tweeted by WOW-veteren Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya.

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