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The Greatest Distance Covered with Palm

The greatest distance covered with the palm of a hand Hand Solo!

The anatomy of the human hand is a fascinating subject that I have been studying for several minutes. Here are some 'Hand Facts' I have learnt about the human hand that you will find interesting:

1) The human hand is great at grabbing stuff.
2) Look at the fattest finger on your hand. There it is.
3) There is skin underneath your fingernails. Right underneath.
4) A hand is mandatory for high-fiving. You might even say it was 'handatory'. But that isn't a word. The word is 'mandatory'.
5) The phrase 'Give me a hand' doesn't mean 'Give me a round of applause'. Especially when the person who says it is trying to climb out of a canal.

Here's another hand fact: the greatest distance covered with the palm of a hand is 27cm (270mm). The hand owner? None other than Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya - or as he is now known 'Handy Upadhyaya'!


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