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Most Sit-Ups in 30 Minutes

How many times do you sit up in a day?
I do it once: when I get up in the morning to leave my bed. I'm sure that you're exactly the same, for I am far superior to you in every way.

Sitting up is actually one of the most strenuous muscular activities that your body can perform: for the stomach muscle must lift your entire body weight into the air! That's like an ant pulling a pack of sausages up a gritty slope: an amazing achievement. The next time you sit up, give yourself a round of applause - you've earned it!

And yet, for some, just one sit-up every day isn't enough. They literally can't stop sitting up: for every time they sit up, they fall over again!
No, I'm not talking about alcoholics, or the elderly. I'm talking about body builders like David Begiashvili.

For on the 25th July 2011, David Begiashvili performed 1430 sit-ups in Akhmeta, Georgia!


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