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Most Exceptional Customer Service

Customers are everywhere.
There's a customer! There's a customer! What's that over there? Why, it's a customer!
Indeed, by reading this WOW, you have now become my customer!
The world has gone customer-mad.

It's no surprise therefore that, with so many customers everywhere, there are plenty of examples of poor customer service. Imagine how hard it must be to please all the customers, all the time. Of course, it is unimaginable, for you are far too much of an idiot.
Here is a simpler scenario to imagine: you are a bee, and you need to gather pollen from all the flowers in the Universe. It's impossible - your poor little bee wings would fall off after a few hours of buzzing around.
Actually, you'd probably suicide-sting yourself to death long before then due to the sheer boredom of it all.

However, the people at Arlington HLE TXALE01 have somehow managed to perform the impossible: their pollen sacks are full to bursting, and they have somehow avoided suicide stings. What I'm trying to say is that their customer service is second to none: they now hold the WOW for the Most Exceptional Customer Service!


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