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Oldest Object

How old do you think the Earth is?
500 years? 1000 years? 1001 years?

Well, whatever you think, you're wrong.
The Earth is, in fact, more than 5000 years old!

Of course, things were very different back then, for monsters were everywhere! You couldn't turn around a corner without bumping into a monster - because corners hadn't yet been invented.

However, items that would be familiar are what are today known as the oldest objects in the world: stones!
You can see stones at your local museum.

They are formed when the Earth's crust crushes an animal who has somehow become trapped underground: perhaps inside a cave, or down a hole.
The oldest stone, and therefore the oldest object was found in Mexico, America. It is believed to have once been a kind of fox.

Please note: It is against the law to artificially create stones, due to the RSPCA.


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