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Best Roast Meat

Meat is an amazing substance. It's everywhere you look, providing you look only at creatures.
For it's a fact that every creature on the planet Earth is covered in meat. From the tiny ant, to the elephant, meat holds together bones and protects vital organs from that deadly radiation I keep reading so much about.

As well as a natural insulator, meat is also a really tasty snack. You may have heard of a meal known as 'roast meat': that meal contains meat!
Have you ever wondered who discovered that eating meat was possible? Well, you can keep wondering, because no-one will ever know. It happened back when we were all monkeys, and didn't have names. You'd have to say it was Monkey 8, or something dumb.

Anyway, forget Monkey 8. Thinking about Monkey 8 is a massive waste of time.
We're here to think about the best roast meat.

The best roast meat is chicken.


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