Random WOW: ' Tallest Dinosaur '

Furthest Distance Pulling a Car by the Beard While Skating

Beeeeard! Ow, my chin!

Papa Smurf. Captain Haddock. Anyone with a beard. They all have one thing in common: a beard! Also, they all have blue skin, except for Captain Haddock.

Many famous historical celebrities have also been owners of what the French call 'un cheveux de bouche' (beard): for example, Homer, the Greek novelist famous for writing the screenplay to the film Troy reportedly had a beard! And so did famous US President Abraham Lincoln, at least until it got shot off.

But why the beard? What can you possibly do with a beard that you can't with, say, unusually hairy buttocks? The answer, of course, is pull a car down the road while skating!

Congratulations, therefore, to Kaphil Gehlot who pulled a car 202.5 feet in 2 minutes and 51 seconds!

While skating.


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