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Most Number Creation Pictures

Numbers are strange things indeed: not only do they exist as numbers, they also exist as words!
Take, for example, the first prime number: 15 - it's a number: 15. But it's also a word: fifteen.

If only the inventor of numbers, an Egyptian alien, was here today, we'd be able to ask him/her/it why exactly he/she/it made numbers so. And have a go in his/hers/its spaceship afterwards.

But I grow weary of all this number talk: I'm not in love with numbers, like Stephen Hawklings.
The only reason I started thinking about numbers at all was because of the amazing work of Puppala Bapiraju: for he has created the most pictures of numbers in the world: over 1000 pictures of numbers so far - and he's still going!

Keep going Puppala Bapiraju!

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