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Longest Time Spent Painting with a Cone

As any great artist will tell you, creating a painting can take a long time.
Famous painter Billy Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists in the world: among his creations were The Mona Lisa, The Scream and Jesus Eating Dinner With Friends.

Unfortunately, Van Gogh became so frustrated with the length of time it took to create his works (painting The Mona Lisa took an estimate 45 minutes) that he went mad and cut off his own mouth.

If only Van Gogh had tried pairing with a cone! Scientists have recently discovered that painting with a cone speeds up the time required for art creation by almost 74%!

And it is chief scientist Thunungunta Hemanth Kumar that we have to thank for this discovery: for Thunungunta Hemanth Kumar has spent the longest time painting with a cone: 24 hours!
In that time, he created an astonishing 259 pieces of art!


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