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Best Splash

Splash is best known as an hilarious mermaid transformation comedy film starring Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah.
I can't remember exactly what happens, but I believe it ends with Tom Hanks transforming into a cod.

Shout "Splash!" at some people, however, and the film isn't the first thing they'll think of. Instead, they'll probably start looking around, thinking someone has just fallen into a swimming pool!

For splash is the sound that is made when someone falls into a swimming pool!

Many people do this - from the clinically obese, to the idiot young. But the group of people most likely to fall into swimming pools are known as divers: falling into swimming pools is a diver's job!

The best splash was achieved by diver Geoffrey Hanson during the Olympic Games of 1986, held in America.
In fact, his dive was so perfect, no-one even realised he'd entered the water - they thought he had simply disappeared in mid-air.

You should have seen the crowd's reaction when he finally emerged from the pool!
They shit themselves.


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