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Slowest Computer

Do you remember, back in 1995, when the fastest available computer was just 75 megahurts?

It was the size of a refrigerator, and it didn't even have a hard disk. It was an Amiga 500, and my favourite game was 'Legend of the Beast 2'.

Well, if you don't remember that, it must be due to an accident you had where you banged your head really badly. Because it happened, and I certainly didn't imagine it.

That wasn't the slowest computer, though. No!

Go even futher back in time, and there was a computer the size of a house! Bill Gates lived in that house, and he had to build his own windows in it so that he could see out. That project was called 'Windows 3.1'.

But that wasn't the slowest computer, either!

The slowest computer is a box full of cats that the Greek philosopher Socrates used to generate random numbers.

No-one knows how it worked, but it had something to do with the formation of the RSPCA.

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