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Dirtiest City

If you've ever studied classical history, you've probably already read about the dirtiest city, or at least heard of the event that caused it to become so dirty.
I'll give you a hint - it was the explosion of a hill known as Mount Vesuvius!

Yes, in the year of 79, when humans were nothing more than rubbish monkeys, Vesuvius 'went off', throwing a million tons of muck into the air!

One nearby city known as Pompei got filled with dust, and all the monkeys sneezed themselves to death.

But that's not the dirtiest city, because dust doesn't count.

No, you see, on the other side of the hill, the city of Herculaneum got filled with mud!

It was so dirty, the monkeys decided to leave. And the ones that decided to stay soon evolved into fat, hairless monkeys, also known as 'hippos'.

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