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Most Popular Meal

"Eat them three times a day, and don't delay!"

Shout this at your elderly relatives, and it is sure to bring a smile to their wrinkled old faces.

Because this was the famous motto used in a series of wartime television advertisements, encouraging civilians to eat meals.

You see, during the war, many forgot that humans need food to live, and thus died. Hitler was to blame.

It was only during the post-war years (1980-1982) that meals became really popular. Soon, those that prepared the meals became known as 'chefs', and people actually began paying for them to work their culinary magic.

One chef from Aberdeen was known as Gary Huntle - and 'twas he who invented what is now the most popular meal: the roast dinner!

Please note: the Huntle roast dinner did not include roast potatoes. They were invented ten years later.

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