Random WOW: ' Best James Bond Gadget '

Best Thunderbird Vehicle

The Thunderbirds were a family of puppets who lived on an island.

The father, Geoff Thunderbird, had some sons, who all lived with him, along with their maid, and some bald guy.

There was Alan, John, Virgil, Parker, John and Richard. Oh yeah, and Brains, who was a scientist who lived with them.

One evening, Brains built some rocket ships for a laugh, and the puppets decided to found 'International Rescue', an outfit geared to saving idiots from certain death.

The rocket ships were named Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2, Thunderbird 3, Thunderbird 4, and Thunderbird 5. They would have gone on, but they went bankrupt, and everyone died.

The best one was the green one. The best Thunderbird vehicle, I mean.

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