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Most Famous Alien

Do Aliens exist?

It's a question that has dogged the foremost scientists for decades. And it's one that is never likely to be answered, since humans are exceedingly dumb.

However, in fiction, where humans are smart, aliens are everywhere! In fiction, you can barely take a step without tripping over an alien.

And it's in fiction that this WOW lives. So join me now - as we enter... fiction.

E.T. is a brown, goose-necked alien, who can fix stuff with his magic finger. He turns white when ill, for unknown reasons.

Henry is an alien disguised as a chair. He doesn't do anything, except get sat on.

I don't know its name, but what about that rubber alien from the film 'Explorers'? He was a comedy alien who did funny voices, and wobbled!

I could go on listing aliens, but this isn't Wikipedia.

The most famous alien is the Alien from the film 'Alien'.

It likes to crawl into your mouth while you are asleep and then burst out of your chest at lunchtime! It thinks that is an hilarious practical joke!

Unfortunately, it is fatal to humans.

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