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Worst Prize Ever Found in a Christmas Cracker

'Pull the cracker, out comes a prize.
Out comes a prize, it will cause you some surprise

That's the chant you might expect to hear during a traditional Italian Christmas lunch.

For it was in 1820, in Italy (or Rome as it was then known) that Christmas was invented.
But originally, there was no chant. No, no chant - instead, much weeping.

For Christmas was invented in a prison, on the day of a prisoner's execution.

That prisoner was named Christopher Racker, a convicted bread thief, and his method of execution was 'halving' - being pulled in half by two horses.

But a mircale occured! On the splitting of his body, spectators were amazed to see not his intestines fall out, but a joke plastic 'nail through the finger' novelty toy!

From that day onwards, every 25th of December, Italians would pull apart a 'Chris Racker'... or a 'Cracker' as they soon came to be known, hoping to be rewarded with some type of toy. A plastic comb. A fortune telling fish.

But what they would hope not to find was the worse prize ever found in a Christmas cracker:

A swarm of wasps!

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