Random WOW: ' Safest Mode of Transport '


Have you found a WOW? Achieved something so incredible, so mind-blowing, no-one will believe you, and they've changed the locks and dumped all of your clothes on the pavement?

I, too have been there my friend!

Of course, I'm talking about the situation, not the pavement. It goes without saying that I've been to the pavement... or at least a pavement. How else would I get anywhere? I'm not about to go walking in the road! I'm not Evil Knievel!

If you know of a WOW that hasn't yet listed, use the submit section of this website. It's really easy, and also, I don't know what also.

What? You still want to write to me?
I shall now tell you my email address in a form of code, so as to baffle criminal robots:

My name is Mr Wow. Do you see the URL up there? That is where I'm at. And there's an underscore separating my name.

But if your message isn't about prospective links, I don't know what you'd want to contact me for. I've got enough on my plate, without having to sift through your whimpering.

This website won't update itself, you know. Not unless one of those criminal robots breaks in, and starts reeking havoc.

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