Random WOW: ' Longest Chicken Egg Throw '


The Internet is a very difficult place to get around, isn't it? Browsing the internet, I get some idea of how I imagine a blind man must feel, wandering around a strange city: like Chester (which is a very strange city indeed).
Here, therefore is the Internet equivalent of a blind man's white cane, or guide dog, or audio guide to Chester: some links!

Google is an example of what is known as a search engine. I don't know what exactly she is searching for, but in order to find it, Google stores a record of every website ever made in her enormous mind. Quite worrying, really.
I certainly hope Google is never blessed with a consciousness, or the human race is doomed.

Wikipedia is a marvellous website. I don't know who writes it, but he seems to know an awful lot.
Of course, as much as he knows, he would probably be a very boring person to talk to.

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